What distinguishes imagination from memory?

Imagination and memory are related to the properties of the psyche and processes. In both cases, there is the existence in the minds of some of the images. But there is something that allows us to separate from each other two studied concepts. So, what distinguishes imagination from memory?

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Imagination – what is happening in consciousness is a process that is accompanied by the generation of images and ideas. This ability of the mind helps people to solve arising problems on the thinking level. This is particularly important when practical actions are impractical or impossible. For example, when talking about abstract objects. Creative imagination can take the form of fantasies.

Memory – the ability of consciousness to capture information about what is happening, and also save it and play. The most developed form of memory in humans. Besides this ability, in its various forms, possess higher animals. The amount of memory depends on the number of nerve cells.

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You can call one key characteristic that allows you to see the difference of imagination from memory. He is associated with the nature of the images that arise in consciousness in either case. Thus, in the memory is recorded only what really exists, whether the phenomena of the external world that influences the senses, or my own experiences. Remember information can only form in which it was received. In other words, in the memory there is no element of fiction, some documania.

Imagination is a work of consciousness, in which the combination of existing human ideas and impressions and the result of this synthesis becomes a completely new character, to a certain extent distant from reality. Fancy images and does not correspond to reality. Imagination – entertaining process. Precisely because it allows you to get something unpredictable and unexpected for the person, people love to invent something, to imagine.

It is worth mentioning that the imagination gives the ability to some extent to control the future. Indeed, the ability of the mind helps a person to plan further actions, which was not yet. In addition, imagination plays a very important role in the emergence of technical inventions and global scientific discoveries. The creation of works of art also occurs with the participation of the imagination.

So, let’s summarize and say again, what is the difference between imagination and memory. It is primarily in the fact that the products of imagination represent something that has never existed before in its complete form. The memory is already existing records or plays back what was captured previously.

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