What is the difference between bronchitis cough?

Bronchitis is a disease in which a person can be very coughing. However, the cough occurs and the reasons are quite different. To continue to function properly, you need to know what is the difference between bronchitis cough, not associated with this serious disease.

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Bronchitis is an inflammation that occurs in components of the respiratory system – bronchi. Cause the development of pathology of a variety of bacteria and viruses. Less frequently the disease is provoked by inhaled allergens, or toxic substances, as well as fungus.

Right – inflamed bronchi

Coughing is the body’s response to irritation of specific receptors, which can be caused by different factors. Role of cough is to remove obstacles that violate the normal functioning of the respiratory tract.

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So, bronchitis is an independent disease. Cough is not a disease. In some cases it acts as a harmless reflex, in other – becomes one of the symptoms (or the only symptom) illnesses of different severity, including bronchitis.

Person interested in, what is the difference between bronchitis and cough, care how serious the disturbing symptom and not a sign whether it is about the development of dangerous pathology. In order to understand all this, let’s dwell on the state in which the patient is bronchitis.

The disease starts with the fact that on the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes get infection. It causes inflammation of the tissues that can irritate the cough receptors. Accordingly, a person has a painful cough. Typically, at this stage it is dry. At the same time felt unhealthy discomfort behind the breastbone.

The next stage is characterized by active secretion in the bronchi of mucus. So the body fights disease-causing stimuli and trying to get rid of them. Mucus is secreted more, it clogs the passages. The patient began to be troubled by painful cough with drawn from the body of phlegm. The clinical picture is complemented by the rise of temperature and marked prostration.

If the process affects the bronchi of small caliber, there is difficulty breathing. In a patient with bronchitis can be heard wheezing and whistling. The coughing often occurs at night. Acute bronchitis, in the absence of therapeutic measures, a dangerous risk of other, chronic, shape and subsequent development of more severe diseases, such as asthma.

In General condition, as described above, the difference of bronchitis cough, disturbing, for example, for mild cold. However, in any case, to be safe, we should not ignore the coughing started. Because it may signal dangerous diseases that are not related to bronchitis.

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