What distinguishes the tale from fiction?

The tale is entertaining, especially interesting to children work. And one of its numerous varieties is fiction. However, when it comes to comparison, mean traditional tale of a magical character and powers as a separate kind of genre. It is in this context and will go further the narrative. So, what distinguishes the tale from fiction?

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The tale is a work containing the invention and having, in the traditional sense, the development of some of the plot, usually with a happy ending. Historically were the first to develop folk tales passing from mouth to mouth. Many of them have several options. Later tales appeared in literature. Their features: the author and gaining popularity only after the publication (until now literary tales are not portrayed in oral form).

Fiction – nonsense, humorous narrative depicting a completely distorted reality (for example, the tale of how a man wearing an axe on his leg, got himself an axe and began to chop wood sash). The fable, like the tale, and is present in folk art and in literature. An example of such work in the literature is «Confusion» a well – known poem by K. Chukovsky.

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The fact that both types of story exist in the people since time immemorial, indicates their great importance. After all, folk art eliminates all useless, and the best thing about it is firmly rooted. However, the function of each of its works.

Unlike the tales from the tales is that she (the tale), represents the invention and description of miracles, contains deep wisdom. The tale teaches the child the rules of behavior in the family and society, and fosters important traits, reveals to a young listener values in life and causes him to respect the ancestors. Each tale is concluded a certain lesson that subconsciously or consciously makes for the child.

Fiction, with its shifters and verbal Abracadabra, good. As a departure from the norm, it strengthens the child in this very norm. The little man increased confidence in their intelligence and self-esteem. In addition, such a work could not be better for the imagination and free thinking. After all, what’s the difference between a fairy tale and a fable? That last reality is completely turned inside out. And this absurdity allows the child to play with concepts and to put new meaning in already known.

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