What distinguishes a column from polesovice?

Crochet is the implementation of the various elements, which together form a beautiful canvas. The column and polytypic refer to such elements. Ways of promazyvanija different. Let’s consider what distinguishes a column from polesovice.

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A bit about the terminology

Beginner knitters sometimes get thoughts the names of certain elements. And if simple (without nakida) a column more or less clear, Poustovit has other names, of which the most commonly used «coupling column». Thus, depicted in the scheme Poustovit and the connecting bar should perform exactly the same.

Then why do the same element have different names? The thing is, for what purpose it is used in each case. Polytypic usually represents a part of the pattern. And if you need something underneath to connect (for example, to close a number or to attach a part to a point pattern), then, accordingly, used the term «connecting bar».

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Get down to the heart of the matter and find out what is the difference between the column from polesovice. Consider, how to knit a simple column:

  • The hook is introduced into the desired loop number-base (if this is the beginning of work, in the loop chain).
  • In this place, light breeze another loop.
  • Using two loops is new and the one that was originally on the hook, the thread is working.
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    Here would be useful to do some clarification. It concerns the fact that when promazyvanie column without nakida you can enter a pause in the loop and in the space underneath it. Thereby increase the density of the blade and slightly change the basic picture.

    Now, we describe the steps in the knitting of polesovice:

  • The hook is also entered in the loop number.
  • In this place, accordingly, gentle breeze loop, and then it is conducted through the loop on the hook.
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    These descriptions give a good idea about what is the difference between a column and prostovisa. The latter requires fewer steps and is less bulky. By the way, if you knit every row exclusively polostevichi, the result will be a very tight binding. We also recall that it was about the elements without nakida. If the column or polytypic you want to perform with yo-added steps.

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