How easy it is to develop the child

Many parents are faced with the problem of how to deal with the baby, how to tell everything what we need, but do not overload it. It is not easy to systematize the wealth of information that can be found. Week thematic sessions – that an optimal, well thought out and planned option.

Развитие ребёнка

The world is changing at a rapid pace. And today’s child developed harmoniously, absorbed all he needed huge masses of information, open a variety of school development, nursery classes and centres for the little ones. Caring parents want to take their child almost six months. But even that is not enough, if not to engage with the child at home. After all, who no matter how mom and dad will explain to the child what to eat and what, what kind of job my grandmother and meows like a favorite cat.

To start working within the theme of the week with one and a half years. Before will be difficult. But when the kid grew up and work is going well, and all fun and interesting.

Where to start? It is easiest to start with the definition of the topics for the week. For a start it is better to choose generic, subject-specific questions. The topics should be such with which kids are familiar. It can be: fruits and vegetables, machinery and transport, nature (the world around), people, dishes and furniture, and others.

Once the theme is selected, it is necessary to consider tasks and activities are clear, informative, and most importantly, fun can introduce your child to something new. Jobs should be designed so that the development be comprehensive. Attention, thinking, sensory and fine motor skills, speech and articulation, creativity, music and physical development – that the main thing you should pay attention.

Easy to work, making a plan for each day. This will give the opportunity to come up with different thematic assignments, and cover all areas. You can read books, study the thematic cards to find posters on the topic. Suitable For art paint, pencils, appliques, mats plasticine, dough for sculpting. All that your imagination. Be sure to listen to the music and do a physical warm-up. Toddlers love sensory boxes, all loose, all sorts of small objects that can be transferred from the container into the container.

Baby will love to read with mother the book about the bear (of the week, «animals»), then examine the pictures, to go with his dad as a bear, make a bear applique with a barrel, having learnt immediately brown color, and can even eat a delicious, sweet honey. The main thing is not to make the kid do what he wants. It may take a little time, and he will do everything with tears ran away two days ago.

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