Shorts in summer 2016

Very soon the summer, and every lady should think about the right choice of things. In the hot season, young girls wear shorts every day. The designers manufactured a huge variety of models of shorts.

Шорты летом 2016

Confidence, sophistication and great taste – the basic rule to the new perfection of the original outfits. If you want to look stunning this summer and show slender legs, it is necessary to buy in the store two or three pairs of pretty shorts. But to make a worthy choice, it is best to rely on the opinion of a fashion designer, professionals always know their business better.

Business attire is still at the peak of popularity of the fairer sex. These things almost always meets stringent zone. This season, designers present us the straps in large quantity. Also, in some styles of shorts are double straps. Massive pockets, in the current summer season, but remember, this is a decorative item and not worth it to fill any nonsense!

Knitted clothes should be given the most attention. In the hot season favorite will be all light shades of clothing and especially beige and milky. They never look better in the Sunny season and perfectly emphasize the tan.

Denim style is the most popular and every year it enjoys wide popularity. In 2016 things denim look great with beads, embroidery drawings.

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