How to get the stain from the fabric of natural remedies

To get rid of strong stains and dirt by washing powder and soap are not always successful at it. And modern stain removers can change the color of the fabric, shorten the life of the product, and in the worst case, cause an allergic reaction in her owner. In this case, you can turn to folk remedies, by which you can get rid of the toughest stains.

Как вывести пятно с ткани натуральными средствами

Be careful of all it is necessary to remove stains from wool and silk fabrics. Grease stains can be removed with a mixture of glycerin, ammonia and water, mixed in equal proportions. DAB a cotton pad obtained by the liquid, apply to the stain and leave for ten minutes. Then wash things.

To remove stain of tea or coffee with silk things with the help of glycerin. Heat the glycerin and pour it on the stain and leave to dry completely. Then just peel the fabric off the dry residue. Traces of perspiration on woollen or silk tissue well removed saline or medical alcohol.

Grease stains from cotton, you can try to withdraw with gasoline. Moisten a small piece of tissue with gasoline and put under the product. And on top wipe the stain with a cotton pad soaked in gasoline. Sprinkle it with the powder, then wash.

Difficult to remove stains from tea or coffee you can try to delete simple way. To do this pull thing on the pan and pour over the stain with boiling water. Or try a solution of borax, which you want to wipe the stain and then rinse with water. Sweat stains from cotton clothing is also good removed saline. If we are talking about chronic pollution, use vinegar.

Synthetic fabric, despite their artificial origin, too, is quite difficult to wash off dirt from a conventional powder. For removal with synthetic grease, heat the potato flour and sprinkle it on the stain. After 10-15 minutes, brush off. If necessary, repeat the procedure. But stains from tea and coffee perfectly removed with a cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol.

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