Ultrasonic therapy. The micro-massage of tissues at the cellular level

This sort of therapy has long been used not only as cosmetic procedures, but also for medicinal purposes. This therapy involves treatment based on the mechanical nature.

Ультразвуковая терапия

By their nature, ultrasound is similar to massage. During the procedure, the ultrasound interacts with biological tissues, and the frequency of its vibrations higher than 20 kHz. During the interaction of ultrasound is the stretching and compression of the cells, thus it has bactericidal, biodegradable and metabolic effects.

The first effect is manifested at the level of tissues and noticeable on intracellular processes. Under the influence of ultrasound activates all the metabolic processes, increases the percentage of nucleic acids. Improves and stimulates the process of tissue respiration.

The ultrasound treatment can increase the formation of many active substances such as heparin and histamine. Relieves pain, improves circulation, the vessels come in tone, improves microcirculation. Ultrasound therapy is also called phonophoresis. The whole procedure helps to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, often even seeking to ensure that the scars dissipate and fade dark spots.

The therapy itself involves not only mechanical and physical-chemical effect, but thermal. Using ultrasound to go well the toxins are excreted and burn excess fat, and increases cell viability. The heat improves blood circulation, which greatly accelerates the chemical reaction, leading to the formulation of active enzymes and collagen, and also elastin.

During the procedure is not injured and does not stretch the skin. Everything is absolutely painless and causes no discomfort. Notice the cosmetic effect very soon. The course is usually designed for 15 procedures that should be performed on a regular basis, and in a week we recommend a minimum of two procedures.

But this therapy is not recommended for everyone. In no case can not pass the ultrasound procedure during pregnancy and in the process of feeding the baby. Also contraindications is epilepsy, blood disease and thyroid, diabetes and Oncology.

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