The health of the hair spring

Winter cold is slowly receding back comes into its own spring. All around are flourishing and filled with new colors, full of vitality. Finally, you can forget about hats and hoods and show off your healthy and beautiful hair. But whether they remain so after the winter?

Ослабленные волосы

To give health and vitality to hair in the spring, only to remember that caring for them is not based on the same principle.


Lack of important vitamins certainly affects the appearance and so weakened hair. The nutrition during this period should be correct. Vitamin-mineral complexes that improve the hair structure, not to be redundant.

Necessary content is in the range of elements such as: vitamin A (retinol), E (tocopherol), C (ascorbic acid), B1 (thiamin), «B2» (Riboflavin), «B5» (Pantothenic acid, panthenol), «B6» (pyridoxine), «B8» (Inositol), «B12» (cyanocobalamin), H (Biotin), PP (Niacin, nicotinamide), f (F), folic acid.


Now it is the time when careful and cautious treatment of hair is especially important. In this period of the hair dryer or otuzco better not to remember. Permanent coloring will weaken the hair even more, and perming. With caution and need to get your hair done, even on simple combing.

It is preferable to use combs made of wood, if it’s a brush, it must be of natural bristle. Indelible conditioners will help in the more easy to comb with minimal hair loss. You should know that combing wet hair is not recommended.

The solution of hair problems

The pressing spring problem with the hair – loss. Do not panic, solve it. To help vitamin complexes are different hair masks, massage the scalp also should not refuse. Split ends to life did not return, to get rid of them with «hot scissors».

Excellent prevention will be the use of special masks. Dry hair is common after the winter, their diet during this period was inadequate. When you use shampoos or masks pay attention to their composition. With the problem of dry hair will help to make the masks contained in extracts of fruits, proteins and natural oils.

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