How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

The birth of a child in the family is always a joy. A woman transformed. However, there are side effects of pregnancy such as stretch marks. They can be prevented if you follow the recommendations of the experts.


Stretch marks is familiar to almost every pregnant woman to get rid of them can only be in the office cosmetologist. But to prevent this unpleasant phenomenon is possible. Stretch marks are formed due to the rupture of the epithelium. Regenerierung, the damaged area is «filled» not like it was before. The epithelium is replaced by connective tissue, which is why the scars are so highly differentiated in any area of the skin. What will help to prevent this phenomenon?

A balanced diet

The cause of such «gaps» could be the deficit of collagen and elastin. That’s why you need to include in the menu, white meat poultry. Essential fatty fish in moderation or alternative capsules to fatty acids and Flaxseed oil. It is necessary to limit consumption of sugar, add fresh juices as well as vegetables, dark green color.

Cosmetic preparations

There is no point frantically to smear the greasy creams when the stretch marks have already appeared. Cosmetics need to use from the moment the woman learned about pregnancy, even if the tummy is not soon appear. If you choose between creams and oils, the best oils. The effect from them lasts much longer. Such oils should be added vitamin E (in capsules or crush the capsules).

Massages, contrast showers

These methods are good only if the pregnancy is progressing favorably, and the gynecologist gave you a recommendation. If there is a threat of interruption of pregnancy, such methods are strictly prohibited. The change interval with hot water on a cool 30 seconds. Start with a comfortable temperature, very gradually changing temperature regime. The massage should be performed only in specialized massage rooms, here to be professional.

It is important to know

Every pregnant woman needs to acquire prenatal bra, and bandages and supportive panties. This will help prevent sagging, to prevent large stretch marks.

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