What is different from the abstract control?

Check of their knowledge is an integral part of the educational process. Schooling is not without control works, tests and homework. We should not forget about the reports and summaries requiring independent processing and systematization of information on a given topic. After admission to the University yesterday, students are again faced with the necessity of implementation of control works. However, this term has several different meaning. And then the students there is a legitimate question, what distinguishes control from the essay. We’ll talk about this in more detail.

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Control – a form of test and evaluation accumulated in the process of learning knowledge. In the context of universities is one of the types of independent work of students in the training, which includes theoretical and practical parts. The first involves the presentation of the answers to the questions posed in the framework of the discipline, the second on problem solving and execution of tasks. The content of the tests may be different. Among its main objectives is to provide skills development in-depth literature analysis, systematization and generalization of the material, reasoned and competent presentation of the findings, conducting creative and research work. Checklists are a great opportunity to consolidate the knowledge practice.


Abstract – a report on a specific topic or for a presentation of scientific works, articles, various literary sources. Represents the author’s study of the disclosure of the nature of the problem and a reflection of their own view on it. The theme of the work as may be determined by the teacher and be an independent choice made by the author on the basis of their interests and abilities. The term itself comes from the Latin refere, meaning «to inform», «report». Often the essay involves public protection. The work has a clear structure and consists of an introduction, main body and conclusion.

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Actually the two seemingly similar types of work a lot of differences. If the control is a check of the received knowledge, the essay is rather a creative project involving independent study of the topic. The report’s author can Express themselves, to show off extra knowledge. Therefore, writing the essay is often personal initiative of students with the purpose to impress a teacher, improve reputation, etc. whereas a test is performed solely at the request of the teacher based on his plan. The content of the essay is not determined by the teacher, and the author himself. As to the length of the considered works, in most cases it is variable.


The main difference of the control from the abstract is that the latter consists only of theory. The test work includes the practical part. She surrenders to the teacher and does not involve a public defense. After you check marked as «pass» or «fail». Upon successful passing of control the student is allowed to passing the exam. In most cases, the essay requires public reading material in front of an audience. Depending on the quality of work the author puts mark on a five-point system. Finally, control can be carried out by students right in the classroom. Often they involve a joint problem solving or situational tasks. Abstracts always prepared remotely without direct participation of the teacher.

To summarize, the difference between the reference and the abstract.


Is a method of check of the received knowledge
Is a report on a specific topic

Written on the basis of the material covered
Intended for independent study

Is performed on demand of a teacher
Often becomes a private initiative of the student

Includes theoretical and practical parts
Consists only of theory

Is read only by the teacher
Often the need for public protection

According to the results marked as «pass» or «fail»
Is measured on a scale

Can be performed in the classroom under the guidance of a teacher
Preparing remotely without the participation of the teacher

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