What to do if the scanner stopped scanning?

Sometimes the scanner is no less important than the printer. Scan documents, photos, perhaps, almost every modern citizen, so if there is a problem with the scanner, it will quickly resolve on its own or for a fee, invite expert.

Что делать если сканер перестал сканировать?

But before you bring the scanner to a repair shop office equipment worth checking out something on their own, to spend money in vain.

1. First check whether you have connected the network cable to the scanner, does it. On the front panel should work, appropriate indicators, and a glass table on which we put the sheets to obtain the image should be highlighted. By the way, some scanner models have advanced to include a special switch on the housing.

Helpful hint: if all wires are connected correctly and tightly, but the scanner still won’t turn on or it does not define the computer, you can suspect a problem with the wires. Inspect the power cable and data cable for fractures, damage Pets.

2. Also, the scanner may not start due to a failed power supply unit (many models of scanners connect to the network using a power supply like a cell phone). Try to take another power supply with the desired characteristics and connect to the scanner.

3. Check and connect the scanner to the computer. The wire connecting these two devices should be plugged into the connectors tightly, not loose, not falling out.

4. If you first plug the scanner to the computer, it is necessary to install the device driver. Usually the driver is on the CD that comes with the device, it can also be found on the Internet.

5. If the driver has already been installed, the scanner turns on but does not scan, it can be assumed that the driver «fell off». In this case, restart the computer and the scanner, reinstall the driver after removing the old one. Please note that if you upgraded your OS (installed a newer version), the driver will also require updates. You may also need updates with which you get the picture.

By the way, if you are sure that the scanner should work check it by connecting to another computer.

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