Vintage cosmetic bag made of felt

Pale pink cosmetic bag made of felt, hand made, a perfect gift for a friend or relative, because it looks very pretty.

Винтажная косметичка из фетра

Agree, much nicer to sew a simple makeup bag with my own hands, than to buy in the store, because even the simplest Chinese makeup, which six months ago cost a penny, today sold at least two to four times more expensive, not to mention better things.

For crafts you will need a thin felt, thread in the color of felt, small pieces of lace and ribbons of different width and pattern, beautiful small buttons or beads, cotton threads (e.g. «iris»).


1. Draw a pattern in the shape of a rectangle. The length and width of a rectangle determine (measurement b on the diagram — the height of the item P — length). I recommend cut off With a long draw of at least 10 cm, at least 6, see

Винтажная косметичка из фетра

Tip: if you plan to store in this bag cosmetic pencils, measure the length of the largest, add to it not less than 1 cm So you will get the value of the segment C. Segment A must be not less than 1-2 cm shorter than line segment V.

2. The pattern cut a rectangle out of felt. Fold it along the red dotted lines, sew the sides cosmetic bags by hand or on the sewing machine.

3. Decorate the top flap cosmetic bags with strips of braid, lace. Tie of yarn «iris» circle (or cut out a circle of felt), sew the circle on the bag, on top of the circle — buttons or beads in any order. Cosmetic bag made of felt ready!

In this bag you can put not only cosmetics, but also documents, glasses, keys, considering the purpose of the articles in the design pattern.

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