Causes of arthritis

Arthritis is joint inflammation, which is caused mostly by excess in the body acid. It occurs not only in the joints but also the spine and other parts of the body.

Причины заболевания артритом

The main reason are disorders of the immune system that forms antibodies against its own skin joints. The reason for this may be changes in the structure of the skin due to the loss of alkalis, so that the immune system is no longer «recognizes» her.

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the main vault of acids in the body’s connective tissue is no longer able to absorb the acid, and to neutralize the alkali should borrow elements from the skin of the joints.

Surprisingly, in traditional medicine there is no specific diet for those suffering from rheumatism, although the change in power due to the use of alkaline dietary supplements brings very quick relief and provides the basis for gradual healing. Its impact is especially evident when at the first symptoms is created an excess of alkali. A change in diet should be accompanied by a regular intake of vitamin C and selenium. Namely, I should add seafood, corn, brown bread, Brazil nuts, etc.

However, the Foundation of any therapy should be the restoration of acid-alkaline balance with a daily excess of alkali, so that once a day the pH value reached 7.5 and in acute cases — 8. Very useful also alkaline bath with pH of water from 7.5 to 8.5 and at least 2 hours, or even longer, at a water temperature of 35 to 38°C. For long-term success necessarily every day to control and regulate the acid-alkaline balance.

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