As a child hardened by the sun

In order to strengthen the immune system of the child, it is necessary to conduct the hardening. Everyone will start to think about cold and hot water, as little baby pour some water. But there is another kind of hardening that does not require such extreme measures.

Как закаливать ребенка солнцем

Hardening the sun is a simple procedure, which not only creates a protective barrier to infection and viruses, but also helps produce valuable vitamin D, without which can not do the skeletal system.

Usually the sun children under one year are not in the open sun and under the trees. Thus, the sunlight is slightly diffuse, and the risk of overheating is minimal.

With the achievement of the older children to play and frolic can children and under the direct rays of the sun, but primarily accounted for the time spent on the street. For example, it is safe to walk around in the sun on the street from 9 to 11 hours and from 15 to 17. Mandatory children, regardless of age, should wear a hat. Panama or cap, it is best to choose light colors and the material give preference to cotton.

The first three days, when hardening is carried out by the sun, the child may stay at the direct rays of not more than 5 minutes, then you gradually increase the duration for another 5 minutes in every day. Total final duration of sun exposure should not exceed one hour. When the baby sweating, we should take him to the shadow, and after a few minutes to make pouring water or to redeem.

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