Swollen gums around tooth: what to do

Gum problems can be no less dangerous than tooth problems. Often for swollen gums pain, and so strong that the process of chewing food becomes impossible. Bleeding, swelling of the cheek, elevation of the temperature is not less frequent companions swollen gums. Since all of the above symptoms may appear for a short period of time, everyone should know what to do in such a situation, if the visit to the dentist in the near future is impossible.

Распухла десна около зуба: что делать

What if the swollen gums around tooth: folk remedies

Of course, if swollen gums, is the only correct solution to the elimination of the disease — a visit to the dentist and all of his recommendations. If the visit to doctor may not be implemented in the near future, and to alleviate the symptoms of the disease need to resort to simple tools of folk medicine. In many sources you can find the information that applying hot compresses to the gum improves health. However, remember that such actions and at least give some positive result, but not for long. In most cases, after some time the symptoms return with a vengeance. Heat compresses can cause suppuration of the gums, which in turn will require long-term treatment.

In the fight against swollen gums proven infusion of various herbs, which are used for rinsing the oral cavity.

in a Cup put a tablespoon of dried St. John’s wort, pour 200 ml of hot water, let cool, and then every two or three hours rinse your mouth.

in a Cup put a pinch of chamomile and pour the boiling water. The cooled infusion add a teaspoon of salt, stir. Rinse your mouth every hour during the day.

— make a decoction of oak bark (a tablespoon per 200 ml), cool to room temperature and them rinse your mouth after each meal.

What to do at home, if around tooth swollen gums and sore

If the gums hurt very much, in this case, it is best to drink some medicine for the pain. If possible, buy in a drugstore special dental gel that reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Relieves pain and regular 3% hydrogen peroxide. Dilute it 1: 1 in warm water at least five times a day, collect the mixture in your mouth and hold it for several minutes.

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