What is the syndrome of Dirk Hamer

Dirk Hamer was a doctor, had served time in prison for their research.

Что такое синдром Дирка Хамера

Today, ill anything, you can Google it and find out: why, why, and what to do. The lists of metaphysical causes of disease can be easily found. Liz Burbo, Sinelnikov and Louise hay will explain that thrush in women, is not just vaginal candidiasis but also: the desire to control, the claim to men, forced submission, powerless rage, as well as the mindset that sex is dirty. As a medicine prescribed for the respective affirmatsii.

I know it’s possible not to believe. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy. Something vague and not proven. And now about the syndrome, proven by numerous studies in Germany. One is a traditional doctor (note!-doctor), cancer of the testis. And just before that lost a son. And Dirk Hamer — this doctor has linked the two events, especially as nothing special, he was not sick.

Dirk at the time was working in the Department of gynecology — Oncology, so I had seen women whose cancer happened after a serious of life’s problems. Think all of this considered, he actually created a new direction in German medicine. What kind of Atlas of the diseases caused by stress, pain, shock, etc.

For Ayurvedic, Japanese and Chinese medicines — it would be a novelty. But in the West, Dirk was a real innovator. Though not for long. Too well he began to treat patients that were not profitable and dangerous. Ended the persecution of the prison.

5 laws of Hamer

1. «The syndrome of Dirk Hamer» is when a serious illness develops after shock in three directions: in the shower, in the brain and in particular (depending on causes) the body. For example, the woman child is in the intensive care unit her fault that develops breast cancer (if right handed — left breast cancer).

2. Any serious illness or disease consists of two phases:

  • «cold» phase is when the same woman is sitting in front of the door of the intensive care unit, with glassy eyes,not being able to eat and sleep,with pomolodevshimi hands and feet, immersed in his grief and guilt. A few weeks insanely thinner and weaker
  • the second phase of «hot» is when, even after a few weeks, the doctor will come to it, I would say that the acute phase is over, the child will recover. A woman burning up with fever.Eventually it will start to eat and just to live

3. The ontogenetic system. The relationship between the characteristics of the disease and embryological human development. Primitive examples: can’t stomach the betrayal of his wife-get serious stomach trouble. Afraid to live — lung cancer, problems with male fibroids or uterine cancer.

4. Microorganisms we need! For example, Dirk probably believed and had proved that fungi and mycobacteria are able to eliminate tumors of the intestines, lungs, kidneys and other organs.

5. All diseases have a special biological significance.Nature talks to us, warns and guides.

The disciples Hamer successfully, though, and not advertising, take into account these principles in their medical practice. The doctor himself was released from prison and founded a private University in Norway and continues his research.

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