As visually narrow a wide face with makeup

Some women are happy owners of a round or square face shapes. That face can look cute, beautiful and feminine. Just need to know some of the secrets of makeup for wide face shapes.

Секреты макияжа

Modern cosmetics allows you to change the contours in 5 minutes. Here are a few recommendations that will allow you to succeed.

How to apply eyeliner for women with broad face

You need to make the eyes huge, giant, they really need to stand out on his face. The bigger and wider they are, the narrower will seem to your face. For this task, you can even use false eyelashes. At least such variations which are pasted on the outer corner of the eye.

You also prescribed the use of a large number of carcasses. It should be noticeable, it should be applied in several layers. But in some cases you need to avoid that too to isolate the lower lashes. Otherwise the look can become too closed and you are contraindicated.

Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows are also important for your face shapes. They make the outline more defined, put the emphasis on the center of the face. It distracts attention from the forehead and cheeks.

How to do face makeup

Women with a wide face, you should always have in their Arsenal two types of tonal resources: highlighter and bronzer. Or just two different Foundation shades, one of which the half tone lighter than the skin, the second half is darker. Correct distribution of light and shadow will allow you to look perfect.

Step one. Carefully examine the shape of their cheekbones. Dark Foundation should be applied under them. The cheekbones themselves need to draw the highlighter.

Step two. Take a small brush and carefully blend the bronzer under the cheekbone, this brush + highlighter to the line between them was blurred and invisible.

Step three. Using a sponge or fingertips finally blend all the lines on his face, raised different types of tonal resources.

Step four. If the skin is redness or blemishes, they can be hidden by using special creams with glitter. Women with wide faces, it’s well worth applied to the outer and inner corners of the eyes.

Step five. Spray bronzer should the line of growth of the eyebrows, on the nose and on the chin.

Step six. Remove the shadow under the nose on the face. To do this, apply a small amount of cream with a gloss over the lips from one corner to the other, thoroughly blend with the basic tone of the face.

How to paint lips women with wide faces

You need to lift the bottom part of the lip, this is especially important if you have thin lips. On the background of the face can look larger and heavier. The easiest way to make your lower lip look fuller, apply it over lipstick with a colourless gloss only to the middle of it. The upper lip should be painted only lipstick, glitter for her, need not apply.

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