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That’s approaching beach season. There are very few, but are you ready for it? And how, actually, you need to prepare?

 Уход за кожей тела

Initially, the body of each girl perfectly, but every year requires some effort to keep it in the right tone. What you need to regularly perform various physical exercises and not to eat junk food, everyone knows, but how to properly care for our skin? The answer is only one proper care useful for this means. In General, it can be divided into three stages of care:

The first stage — purification

What every girl, and indeed any person who needs to start their day? Of course, with taking a shower. As for water temperature, the optimum can be considered the one which is most comfortable for you. But also for health purposes it is advisable to use a douche, which will invigorate and soothe your body.

Use hard sponge, this will remove dead skin cells and make it dazzling clean. Can be applied and various scrubs, essential oils or salts that will perfectly cleanse your pores of accumulated dirt. Do not take hot baths without the need, as they are very harmful to the skin.

Following these simple rules will lead to the improvement of not only the skin, but also the whole body: improved metabolism, circulation and the nervous system. At the end of this procedure, don’t forget to pour yourself whenever possible with cold water — it will invigorate your body and give energy for the whole day.

The second stage — deep cleansing

At this stage in your everyday life have to be mentioned above the scrub. As already mentioned, it is perfectly cleanses the pores and makes the skin silky smooth and removes old dead cells, which can age your skin. The scrub must be applied to pre-moistened skin and make it look like you are massaging the body.


The third stage is a hydration and nutrition

After peeling the skin need immediate restoration. This will help the various creams, lotions and balms that can moisturize the skin of any type. A large number of oils in the composition of a good cream should not prevent its rapid absorption by the skin. But it should not be applied too often and in huge quantities. Everything should be in moderation.

Frequent lubrication of the skin with various creams can weaken its natural suppleness and beauty, the ability to produce its own acid and the fat. Mixing of the cream is also not recommended, as they may have a completely different composition and the components that are in the funds will only interfere with each other and not bring absolutely no benefit.

You need to remember one thing — it is well-groomed skin makes girls attractive and worthy worthy of attention. There are famous beauties who do not look after their skin? No! It is therefore necessary to protect your body and care for him everyday.

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