Stomach liposuction for obesity: harm or benefit

Operation on pumping out of fat can change a person’s appearance. But whether it is the person with complex obesity? What awaits after surgery who had a round shape not in one part of the body?

Липосакция живота при ожирении: вред или польза

Liposuction — procedure details

During the operation in a certain area, made 2 small puncture through them removes excess fat. One procedure can remove up to 6 kg of adipose tissue. In this case, the area is transformed.

The operation is almost painless, not traumatic, takes less than 1 hour. For once you can remove fat from several areas, for example, with the lower abdomen and sides. A day after the procedure a patient is sent home, and a week later discharged from hospital. But to get the best effect, another 3 months needs to go to special lingerie.

Does liposuction for obesity?

If a person is overweight, it is distributed through the body evenly or only in certain areas. The actual liposuction when the fat localized on the hips, belly or even chin. But if plumper entire body, the effect of one area, will not save.

The removal of fat from the stomach will adjust the silhouette, but fat will be noticeable on the thighs, back, arms. Remove it from the entire body operating method will not work. First, it is very expensive, secondly, the operation is stressful for the body, it is not recommended to them often, thirdly, if there is a sudden loss of adipose tissue the body starts to accumulate her again, trying to recoup lost. Liposuction is suitable for 1-2 zones, but not for the whole body.

The return of fat after liposuction of the abdomen?

During the surgery, fat cells are removed. Further recovery takes time, so again the weight is typed slowly. But the operation does not guarantee that fat is not formed again. There is a possibility that the treated area no longer grows, but then in other places the sediment may increase.

Before the procedure it is important to understand what caused the weight gain that was obesity. If you don’t remove these causes, the result will be short-lived. If a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, the weight will still increase. If not habits of good nutrition, the likelihood of obesity also increases. But if there are hormonal disorders, surgery will only increase the imbalance.

How to remove excess weight?

Before thinking about surgery, it is necessary to change the way of life, and to identify the causes of obesity. Removing them can reduce the weight without surgery. Of course, it will take time, but new habits will help keep new forms of life without fear of relapse.

If to remove themselves fat fails, need to contact the experts. Nutritionists, sports trainers, psychologists work with the weight problem. They help to remove unnecessary mass, support the man and give important recommendations. You should start with the sanatorium for slimming to get used to, and then stick to the new lifestyle at home.

And if after many months of training you will want to adjust a certain area, then you can go to a plastic surgeon. But in 85% of cases this need not be as fat on the abdomen, thighs whether hands out himself.

Liposuction of the abdomen relevant to slim people, obesity is only extra stress on the body, which does not give the desired effect.

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