Burdock oil is irreplaceable

Winter still holds it’s own and now is the time to do restoration procedures for hair. In the winter cold worsens the condition of healthy hair. This occurs as a result of the change of street and room temperatures, constant wearing of headgear and a simple lack of vitamins and sunlight.

Незаменимое репейное масло

As a result, even a luxurious head of hair threatened following consequences:

  • dryness;
  • the split ends of hair;
  • loss;
  • peeling the skin of the head;
  • brittle hair;
  • the glaze colors and so on.

Of course, you can regularly visit the beauty salons or specialized clinics, but these services are suitable not for every woman due to the lack of money or time. And here to the aid can come tested folk remedies for centuries.

«Grandma’s» remedy

Since ancient times women were treated and restored hair with thistles. They collected the roots of burdock and prepare a healing broth. Today the market of cosmetology offers a wide range of products, which a major component is burdock oil. Therefore, it is not necessary to wander in search of all the famous thorns. The roots of burdock infused peanut, sesame or any other oil with high fat content. To find a rescue tool as in pharmacies and on the shelves of specialized shops.

Application features

Oil of agrimony is ideal for intensive care of dry and brittle hair and is an indispensable remedy for dandruff that is a result of the same dryness of the skin.

Before applying you should slightly heat the oil, it’s best to do it through the water bath. Then use cotton swabs or discs to apply oil on hair and massage movements rubbed into the skin.

Then wrap the head with foil (food grade), and over ukutyvaniem handkerchief or towel. Remember that this procedure should last no more than three hours. It is because of a strong greasy to wash hair is difficult, it is recommended to wash off the oil of agrimony in two steps.

For those who have hair by nature have a fat structure, it is recommended to use this tool in tandem with other ingredients — with essential oils of lemon and orange or fresh grapefruit flesh. In addition, there are many recipes. The use of burdock oil for two months will surely lead to a positive result.

Finally, another advantage is the fact that it can be applied on eyelashes, eyebrows, nails, cuticles, and on my elbow from the outside.

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