How to wash your hair

There are basic rules of shampooing. They are our helpers in giving hair strength, beauty and Shine.

Мыть голову

Before you wash your hair, it is advisable to massage the hair roots and scalp using essential oils. RUB the oil need soft massage movements all fingertips. Then, dividing the hair into strands (so they are not confused), apply oil on entire length. Such procedures are recommended if hair is dry, brittle or colored.

You can try dry materials (powder, powder, talc or flour) to clean hair. Powder is applied to the hair roots and gently rubbed into the scalp. The tool to remove the comb as soon as it becomes fatty. It so happens that immediately after shampooing, and don’t give in fade style hair. In this case, well help decoctions of medicinal herbs.

After washing the head, you need to rinse hair infusion of chamomile, burdock or mint. Prepare the infusion is very easy — pour hot water over 3 tablespoons of herbs and let stand. To make your hair not only healthy, but also shone with beauty, as in commercials, you must follow some rules:

  • be sure to comb your hair before shampooing;
  • use only warm water;
  • wash your hair no more than once a week (advice of dermatologists);
  • as little as possible to use hair dryers, hair irons and curlers.

If you have to wash your hair often, then you need to use so-called soft shampoo. On their bottles typically write that can be used daily. At the same time to wash the foam from the hair to be long and carefully (because the foam is washed off faster, and remain in the hair of small particles of shampoo).

In the first place when buying shampoo should pay attention to the pH level — it needs to be equal to 6 or to be at the value close to it. But whatever you read on the labels, it should be noted that the main purpose of shampoos is the cleansing, and not giving our hair Shine and beauty. Therefore, to achieve maximum effect it is necessary along with them to use also a conditioner.

The fact that the composition of air includes a variety of useful supplements that nourish and moisturize hair, giving it a pristine, natural Shine, silkiness and freshness that are so popular with women and charm men. Of course, sales found both in one bottle, which is very convenient in terms of saving time, but get carried away by them yet should not be, since this care involves the gradual solution of the problem — first, the cleansing of the hair, then only diet and recovery.

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