How to lead a person in order after the party?

Wakeful, cheerful and stormy nights, the girl has a lot of reasons – it’s a party with friends, corporate events and hen parties. All accompanied by the lack or absence of sleep, taking alcoholic drinks and dancing. And every girl at least once in your life woke up in the morning with a feeling of weakness, loss of strength, and not with the best appearance.

Как привести лицо в порядок после вечеринки

Very well, when this morning have nowhere to run and you can freshen up a couple of hours of sweet sleep. But what to do if you absolutely have to go to school, work or an appointment, and under the eyes with puffiness, dark circles on the face of the remains of yesterday’s makeup.

There are a few quick secrets that help to quickly bring the person in order.

Cold water. Need to wash with cold water, and the colder it is, the better. The best option would be wiping the face with a piece of ice or frozen chamomile tea. This treatment will invigorate the skin and make the blood circulate better, and therefore appear healthy glow.

Cleansing. Most likely, after a fun night is always an evening make-up, even if there were attempts to take it off. So you need to use a tool to remove makeup and cleanse the skin.

The power. Need to get rid of dark circles under the eyes and swelling. You can make cold lotions with bags of black or green tea and simmer ten minutes. In parallel can be applied to the face mask of ground oatmeal with honey. After that, moisturize your face day cream or oil.

The make-up. If, having done all of the above, the person has not had time to come in good appearance, use cosmetics. But the main thing – do not overdo it and let the skin to this day still entertain. You need to use concealer, mascara and chapstick or balm. The concealer can disguise dark circles under the eyes and irritation or redness on the skin. Mascara will make your eyes more expressive and your eyes clearer and chapstick, or balm will nourish and moisture dry chapped lips.

Of course, not to forget about the other parts of the body besides the face. You need to take a contrast shower, apply a nourishing lotion on the body, wash hair and make a mask. And following all these points, you can look much fresher after any incendiary parties.

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