Important rules body peeling

The skin was tender, well-groomed and healthy, you need to do regular exfoliation. Peeling is the exfoliation of dead cells, promote recovery of the upper layer of the epidermis. It can be done both at home and to go to the salon. In this question all depends on your budget and desires.

Пилинг тела: важные правила

Deciding to do exfoliation at home, be sure to use natural ingredients. Indispensable components for this procedure will be the following products: sugar, ground coffee, sea salt, oatmeal and the like.

The binder can easily do a milk, honey, olive oil, egg yolk or just the usual shower gel. It is clear that mechanical peeling is not necessary to spend much, unlike chemical and hardware that are implemented after the consultation of a cosmetologist.

The owners of oily and normal skin can do the peeling once a week. Owners of dry skin does not need to perform this procedure more often than 3 times in 2 weeks. Also, do not forget that peeling is carried out only on a steamed skin of the body. For best effect it would be good to start to go to bath or sauna, and to do cleansing of the body and face.

Swiping a peeling procedure, you must consider some caveats. Is wise to refrain from this procedure if the skin there is injury or damage. It may be small pimples, skin tags or even varicose veins. Should not do the scrub for pregnant women and mothers who are breast-feeding. If you wish to do a full body exfoliation, you need to have for this purpose a few mixes. In other words, if you bought a tool for the body, it should not be applied to the face and Vice versa.

In the pursuit of perfection and the perfect body no need to rush. The process must proceed slowly and very carefully. You need to massage the skin of body and face by using special gloves for 5 minutes. Do not forget that very delicate and vulnerable places not worth much rubbing.

The body will get well-groomed and beautiful appearance thanks to integrated humidification and purification. You need to use the funds, which contain a huge amount of nutrients. Beautiful property boasts Shea butter, which is used as during the procedure of peeling, and after it to moisturize skin.

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