How to choose a cock ring for men

Cock ring is a device that you can buy in a sex shop. But this is not a toy for adults, a device that safely helps prolong sexual intercourse. It’s a small thing that makes sexual life of a couple more intense. But to get the maximum effect, you must choose the right cock ring.

Как выбрать эрекционное кольцо для мужчины


How does a cock ring

Visually it’s a small design, which is worn on the penis in a flaccid state. There is a slight compression of the base of the body, as a result, the blood cannot leak from the erect penis, and the sex lasts 2-3 times longer.

The use of cock rings safe for men. But it is important to remember that the time of application not more than 30 minutes. Then a ring it is recommended to remove and repeat the experiment later. At this time the blood flow is restored.

Cock ring can give extra stimulation. Some models have a special shape that causes a massage sensation in the scrotum for men or in the area of the clitoris in women. To stimulate may be a vibration or pulsation, which is also often used by makers of sex toys.

Kinds of cock rings

The simplest ring is elastic and narrow. Wear them at the moment of maximum excitation on the body they are nearly invisible. You can use them with other toys or condoms. Special elastic fabric stretches easily, so putting it on with no problems.

Width adjustable cock rings can be tightened with a different intensity. They can squeeze the penis very strongly or only slightly. This is a universal thing which gives the opportunity to experience different experiences. Often not in the form of a ring, and in the form of a Lariat.

Stimulating ring is equipped with special spines that touch the clitoris of a lady during intercourse. Soft spikes massage the sensitive organ, which accelerates the time reaching the peak of pleasure in women.

The vibrating element is often inserted into the clitoral appendage. And then the touches become even more vivid. But the ring can be rotated, and then the vibration will be felt in the scrotum that will also help to test something new.

A double ring is attached at the shaft of the penis and the scrotum. This is a stronger fixation, giving more emotion. This design slows down even more the man, allows him to survive even longer.

What to look for when choosing a ring?

Modern products for slowing down ejaculation are made from different materials. Most often they are flexible to use is not a problem. But it is important that a sex toy can be cleaned easily. Therefore, the most popular waterproof cock rings.

In stores you can always specify the inner diameter of the device. It should not be larger than the girth of the penis is that thing not fall down. But to choose and circle that much smaller — is not worth it. The ring should fit tightly, without pinching the body too much.

If adult toy vibrates, so have batteries inside. Useful if they can be easily replaced. And there are rechargeable models such plug-in hybrids.

Very convenient to buy a set of cock rings. It is usually composed of several devices with different effects. They can be alternated during application, which is convenient and practical.

Cock ring is a thing that should be in the Arsenal of any couple. It makes sex more exciting, gives you the opportunity to learn to experience orgasm together.

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