How to increase awareness?

Life in awareness is the ability to implement the best of their abilities. A conscious person is moving according to their inner feeling, realizing the best way to development. But the state is reached gradually, and there are ways that help to achieve this.

Как повысить осознанность?


1. Awareness is the understanding of what is happening on a deeper level. This is an opportunity to see not only the surface events, but also internal mechanisms that create these circumstances. And here it is important to study the structure of the world and to understand themselves. Man himself creates the circumstances of your life, and knowing how he does it, you can change your life.

2. Awareness is not mechanical following situation, do not repeat the behavior that was used before, and the selection of actions. A conscious person can choose what to do in the circumstances. Unconscious — always predictable, he lives according to certain algorithms which are easy to calculate.

3. Most importantly in awareness — understanding of their motives. Therefore, attention should be directed at the events surrounding and on your feelings. Just answer a few questions, and all will become clear:
— Why am I doing this?
— What I feel in this situation?
— What I want from happening? As you can see the best and worst outcome?
— As before I have always acted in such circumstances?

4. After the questions posed and answered, we can think of the behavior of others. Again you need to ask a few questions:
— Why people behave like that?
— What he wants to achieve? If he understands your goal?

5. Awareness is an extension of their own reactions. When the answer is becoming clearer that manages the situation. And get to choose the way of action, different from the usual. First, to analyze the events after they happened. And the questions will take only a few minutes. But then the term will be reduced. As a result ask them to get in the moment between action and reaction. All the questions need not more than 3 seconds, but to make it — need to practice.

6. To realize oneself in all circumstances, even in urgent and critical need to first learn this in calm conditions. So the questions are worth asking as often as possible. Even while walking, shopping in the store, at work it is important to understand their desires, goals and aspirations.

7. To become conscious himself, is to watch the other. We should pay attention on repetitive behavior of people. Most of their actions are predictable, and it is worth it to see immediately the level of awareness increases.

8. Awareness is the shift of attention from external to internal. It’s always important to look simultaneously at what is happening inside and outside. The habit of this opinion will help change lives.

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