How to choose a CMS for a small website

The website provides information about company and its services, price lists, news, photos and feedback form. This site does not contain complex elements, all the pages are static. This means that to create and maintain it yourself, without the involvement of the contractor. How to use «engine» for the website?

Как выбрать CMS для сайта-визитки


1. If you are somewhat familiar with the layout and want a website with a unique design, pay attention to such CMS as WordPress and Joomla. Don’t forget that here you will be faced with the choice of hosting. These «engines» free, intuitive, not loaded with unnecessary functionality. This distinguishes them from competitive type CMS Drupal or Bitrix.

2. Comparing WordPress and Joomla among themselves, the first system wins in terms of functionality. A large number of additions in the form of plugins, which are very easy to install, and high speed, and the ability to SEO optimize your pages. What to choose – you decide. Try and draw your own conclusions.

3. If you are far from programming, use the simplest CMS, they are the same site builders. In one package you get and design, hosting, and user friendly control panel content. The work is conducted in a convenient editor, where by the principle of LEGO add up different components. A few minutes – and a functioning website ready.

4. In each such constructor provided the free base fare. But it severely limits the ability of the future resource. Free of charge you will receive the minimum disk space, the third level domain, banner ads, poor set of templates.

5. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can already make a decent quality website. A good business card designer SetUp will cost only 199 rubles a month. In the uCoz service cost is a little higher – 5$, in Redham – 350 rubles per month. Western competitors offer the following rates: Jimdo – from 400 rubles, Weebly from 8$ per month.

6. The range of designers is great, but many of them are focused on the creation of large online shops and complex business sites. And this is included in the cost of services. Therefore, choosing the latest tariffs, so as not to overpay for features unnecessary to your business card.

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