Sports during the «critical days»

In a woman’s life «critical days» live up to its name. Because they always come when the woman these inconveniences inappropriately. Some of them meaningfully narrow the circle of his Affairs, referring to this period.

Спорт во время «критических дней» женщины

What about those who attend regularly workout at the gym? There needs to be more attentive to your body. If menses are abundant, the doctors advise not to risk the health. It is better not to attend training sessions for three to four days. If women’s things going on the week and skip workouts really do not want, then it is permissible to visit the gym twice a week and reduce the burden of practice.

At this time we recommend that you carefully monitor your health. You should pay attention to:

— dizziness;

— profuse discharge;

— the emergence of pain in the abdomen.

Classes with a barbell in any of the cases excludes classes at the gym. With scant menstruation, although the loss of blood – there is blood loss, nothing can be done, in the first days need to lighten the load.

Trainers suggest that you to exclude from the training process:

• squats;

• raising and lowering the torso in the supine position;

• weight lifting;

• sprint.

Those who are into running, preferably the first days visit quick step with a relaxed pressure. If a woman practices yoga, the fitness trainer should avoid asanas with high rising kicks. Once monthly decreases in abundance, you can return to normal training.

If a menstruating woman concerned about the dizziness and pain in the abdomen, it is better not to risk it. Doctors strongly recommend to exclude all active exercises and actions so as not to worsen the position of women. Allowed only breathing exercises.

The health of women should be an indicator of pressure when training. But if a woman suffers from diseases of the uterus, such as fibroids, endometriosis, the best solution is to give up entirely on active operations during the period.

The rules for a woman who is in «critical days» decided to continue playing sports.

1. Exercise better in clothes made of natural materials.

2. The exercises exclude completely! Allowed to engage in stretching, bending back and forth, easy run.

3. The room in which will be engaged in air in advance.

4. During the menstrual period the woman is advised to eat up to two liters of water. Eliminate coffee containing drinks.

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