Your baby: the first month of life

Moms know best what their child needs, they feel their child when still in the womb. At birth intuition is increasing. Mother’s heart — a true helper in the upbringing of her child.

Ваш малыш: первый месяц

You survived the first weeks of motherhood! Life has not improved yet (and she is far from it!), but, fortunately, everything comes to normal. At this time it is normal to experience some tearfulness, but if in tears most of the day, or you come to mind frightening thoughts, should consult a doctor to prevent the development of postpartum depression. The sooner you deal with it, the better.

• Children love to touch, and it doesn’t matter, what does your mother-in-law. You can’t spoil your baby by holding him in my arms «all the time». If you take the child in his arms – the only way to calm him down, pick him up. Even better if you put the baby in a sling or any other carrier, and you will be able to redo a lot of things around the house. And the child will feel near mother’s heart, mother’s warmth and breath.

• But remember: you will in no way harm the child if you allow him to pout a bit in a lounge chair or bed until you finally take a shower. The kid will not be living, feeling abandoned if your hair is already standing up and in need of immediate bathing. True. Go and take a shower.

• If you are breastfeeding, all is not so difficult as in the first days in the hospital. If you’re desperate and think a minute before the end of the feeding, tried everything and read «whole Internet», but you still hurt bad, remember: your child is emotionally or mentally or physically will not be diminished if you turn it on the mixture. Your wallet, of course, thank you not say, so consider these expenses in advance.

• Hello, sleep deprivation! Children at this age sleep in the norm from 16 to 24 hours (Yes!), but they need to eat every 2-3 hours. So soon your night’s sleep will not last for longer than these periods. Get used to it there with one hand and say «bye bye» to those days when you enjoyed hot tea, hot soup, and in General, all hot.

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