Developing child: useful reading

Lack of care about the moral upbringing of the baby leads to a misunderstanding of good and bad, good and evil, may cause of manifestation of children’s lies.

 Полезное чтение

One of the available ways of forming a correct behavior at an early age is reading. When reading, you do not say, do not provide a ready option behavior, as is done in cartoon, and awaken a child’s imagination, allowing him to provide a dynamic picture of what is happening and to understand what is good and what is bad.

To read has provided educational and educational influence has helped to generate ideas about moral behavior, try even the smallest story to discuss. Highlight good and bad deeds, explaining that it was necessary to do a negative character, the action was good. Until the baby can speak, he will just listen, and when he learns to talk, you can participate in discussions, offering their versions of events.

Getting acquainted with artwork, it is important to ask the question «why?». This simple method will help develop a child independence, confidence, will allow him to think and reason, training thinking, logic, intelligence. If the baby will be difficult to answer or repeat «don’t know», then ask how he responded, if I knew.

When there is no time, try to read at least one small piece. This can be done in the evening before bedtime. So easy to read and instructive at the same time can become short stories N. Nosov, some of the Proverbs and fables of Leo Tolstoy.

The time spent with their parents playing, reading, or other useful things, has a beneficial effect on the psyche and development of the child, fosters harmonious relationships in the family.

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