What is alexithymia

Not everyone is easy to Express your feelings. The people want it or not, according to psychological studies, about 5-25% of them in varying degrees, suffer from what is called alexithymia.

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The alexithymia is the inability to identify or Express emotional state. Simply put, a person lacks the skill to describe your feelings. Seemingly, nothing wrong with that, but his inability to talk about their inner feelings leads to difficulties in their recognition. In the end, fails to distinguish how your emotions and other people.

The causes of alexithymia

Alexithymia is divided into congenital or primary and acquired or secondary. It belongs to the first type, if occurs due to improper development of the embryo, and diseases, moved in infancy. Causes of the second type of alexithymia are often trauma, stressful situations, a nervous breakdown. Important role to play and education. Avaricious on emotions or strict parents, prohibiting to Express emotions in public, it is able to doom your child to alexithymia in the future.

The characteristics of alexithymia:

  • It is difficult to describe and understand their own feelings. This suggests that they a person has, he just doesn’t know what to do with them.
  • The pursuit of seclusion, and it is not immediately, but incrementally.
  • Poor imagination. Alexitimia not capable of creative activity and work, where you need imagination.
  • Dreams are usually dull, with no plot.
  • But the logic at the highest level.
  • The lack of faith in intuition.
  • A person suffering from alexithymia, often confuse bodily sensations with emotional. To the question: «What do you feel?» he could reply «presses», «presses», «cold».

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