How to make biodata eyebrows at home

Eyebrows frame our eyes. It is therefore important to care for them and model a beautiful shape. To produce «cabin correction» is quite real and at home.

Как сделать биотатуаж бровей в домашних условиях

Henna is a natural dye obtained from artisanal plant of Lawsonite (lawsonia inermis). In accordance with the country of origin there are Indian and Iranian henna.

The benefits of coloring with henna eyebrow:

1. The main advantage of bitatawa is its safety, since no mechanical interference occurs.

2. Beneficial effects on the structure of the hairs. Henna has a positive effect on the growth and strengthening of the eyebrows.

3. The painless procedure. In the coloring process does not apply chemicals, and metal devices.

4. A more lasting effect compared to conventional paint. The effect lasts for 3 to 5 weeks.

5. A more natural and beautiful appearance of the eyebrows. Henna transfers the pigment on the skin, when the eyebrows are not visible «gaps», they look thick and bright.

Contraindications of bitatawa virtually no, it is suitable even for pregnant women.

The procedure

In order not to stain your clothes and hands, prepare rubber or plastic gloves, change into unnecessary old stuff.

You will need the following tools: brush for coloring, cotton swabs, capacity for cultivation of henna, napkins, stripe of foil or cellophane, hair oil.

The henna should be prepared in advance according to the instructions on the package. It is best to dilute it in hot acidified water. Before painting the eyebrows, remove excess hair and give your eyebrows the desired shape. To avoid staining of the skin, lubricate them with cream.

Gently apply the mixture on eyebrows. Remove excess with a cotton swab. Close painted areas with tape and leave the henna on for 30-40 minutes. The longer the exposure, the color becomes brighter. After you remove the dried mixture with a damp cloth. Lubricated with castor or burdock oil.

To maintain the saturation effect, it is necessary in the early days not to visit the sauna, steam room and pool, as well as daily at bedtime lubricate the hairs!

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