Moisturizing and cleansing mask for the face

The facial skin is open to all winds and weather, so careful maintenance is necessary. A good solution would be a moisturizing and cleansing mask. They will make it soft and velvety.

Маски для лица

Cleansing mask is better to prepare on the basis of soap or clay. These substances attract dead skin areas are removed along with it after drying. The result is free of pores, improved circulation, giving your face a healthy shade. This procedure is recommended once a week.

Moisturizing masks are made with fresh berries, fruits and vegetables. They are extremely useful for sensitive and dry skin because make up the natural balance. One should not neglect the cosmetics made at home with the use of sour cream, which contains just an incredible amount of useful minerals and various vitamins, are particularly useful for aging skin. It is desirable to use them three times a week. Apply with fingertips or brush, and rinse with warm water. Most of the recipes are very simple and are made from whatever is at hand.

  • Turn into mush any berries, vegetables or fruit, and immediately put on the face. For variety and kind of experiment can be applied and the whole pieces.
  • Apply fresh sour cream, preferably rustic (guaranteed natural product) for 10-15 minutes, rinse with running water. To enhance the effect, it is possible to sour cream add the egg yolk and a teaspoon of aloe juice.
  • Make a peeling mask: a handful of grapes, mash, add a spoonful of honey, stir. Rinse off after 20 minutes.
  • To prepare a refreshing mask cook the potatoes in their skins and clean it. Add raw egg yolk and 2 tablespoons milk. Mix and apply for 20 minutes.

For a better effect can mask, add two drops of essential oils. They are completely natural and give your skin all the vitamins and nutrients. Oils have the ability to smooth out wrinkles, as they have a light texture, are able to keep the skin in good shape and to fight with stretch marks.

These oils have a moisturizing effect, giving the skin elasticity and keeping it in good shape, preserving youth and beauty. If you do these simple procedures regularly, the improvement of the skin is not long to wait.

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