Hack for 5 minutes: three organizer from the carton, remaining on the chips

If you eat chips, Packed in cardboard tubes, probably, thought that it would be nice to make this tube something. But usually more vague thoughts. But in vain…

Поделка за 5 минут: три органайзера из картонки, оставшейся от чипсов

Let’s consider the most simple ideas crafts from cardboard tubes of crisps or similar packaging.

You will need: adhesive tape or colored paper (they sell it for wrapping gifts), thin ribbon, glue.

Organizer for knitting needles

If to paste over the cardboard tubes with colored paper or adhesive film with a beautiful pattern, such a tube can store knitting needles. Get yourself a few tubes for the orderly storage of needles of different sizes.

Storage box of macaroni and spaghetti

Cardboard tube, olenna colored paper or self-adhesive, can serve as packaging for pasta. Such containers are much more convenient plastic bag, in which generally sold pasta.

By the way, if we expand the different varieties of pasta such tubes, they take up in a kitchen cupboard up less space than bags of various shapes and sizes. For each box of pasta stick a pretty label on it (or buy ready-made stickers in the store).

An organizer for pencils and pens

And to create this organizer have a bit of work. Gather a few cardboard tubes, paste over them with colored paper, and the top cut off obliquely (at an angle of 45 degrees). On cut edge glue the braid to disguise an ugly cut. Fold the tubes to each other and a few stripes of glue stick them to each other. Top tube lengths with a box cutter to half that cuts fixed business cards, important records.

Useful tip: of course, you can decorate the tube of crisps is not only the above-mentioned materials, but also cloth, leather and otherwise, but this will require more time, effort, skill.

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