Three easy ways to fill the room with light

The expression «the room is full of light and air» is quite often found in advice on design of premises. But it is usually attributed to certain styles, for example, Scandinavian. But let’s not concentrate on a certain style, and just increase the amount of natural light in the room.

Три простых способа наполнить комнату светом

Why is it necessary? The answer to this question is well known — people feel more alert and energetic in a good light. If you constantly sit behind the thick curtains, even if around it will be bright lighting, the effect is not the same. And the appearance of the apartment, filled with sunshine, happy a lot more.

So, let’s begin to fill the room with light with the main thing — do not block the natural light pouring from the window. Wash the Windows more often, order the glazing of balconies with a minimum of partitions, etc., If necessary to zone the room is not use massive furniture or high opaque walls. Choose translucent design, light, airy. For example, prefer not to the walls of plasterboard, but light racks or a beautiful translucent glass.

Work with colors and textures. Dark colors and velvety surface, it is known from course of physics of high school, much better absorb the light, so choose for your bedroom bright colors and gloss. Some furniture can be masked by the textiles on the sofa blanket throw light, on the table — a delicate tablecloth on the table tie or sew old cloth.

Add natural light to artificial, but don’t use heavy chandeliers of complex shape. Prefer spot lamps and translucent, almost invisible lamps (well, for them, choose bulbs with warm light).

P. S. I need Not remind you about the cleaning — it’s implied, because if you get rid of unnecessary things and furniture, there will be a lot of space.

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