What to plant in April

April — mid spring, and that means it’s time to work in his garden. This month we not only need to have time to gather last year’s fallen leaves, dry grass, branches, tree trunks to handle the circles of fruit trees against pests and fungal diseases, but also to plant some crops.

Что посадить в апреле

What to plant in April in the country

In early April you can start planting cold-resistant crops is many. If the soil is warmed up to 8 degrees, and at night the temperature is not reduced below a pair of degrees with a minus sign, you can plant radishes, peas, dill, bezrassudno cabbage, lettuce, rhubarb, carrots, leaf celery and parsnips. Closer to the middle of the month you can start planting conventional and leaf beet (Mangold). The end of April — an auspicious time for planting early-maturing cabbage.

What to plant in April in the open ground

In the open ground in April, you can plant cold-hardy crops like peas, radishes, lettuce and other things. Moreover, this month is very favorable for planting tomatoes in open ground seeds. If the ambient temperature is set in the daytime, 10 degrees and at night drops below zero, you can safely plant tomatoes. It should be noted that tomatoes grown thus more resistant to various diseases, plants have incredible strength and give a good harvest. If the weather during night hours goes down to -5 degrees, in this case, it is possible to plant spring onion seeds and garlic and parsley and sorrel (only the seeds should not be soaked before planting).

What to plant in April in a greenhouse

In the greenhouse in the month of April you can put is absolutely all of the above crops (parsnips, sorrel, lettuce, beet, etc.), you can also sow early carrots. The only difference between the planting of these crops in the open ground and the greenhouse, in the recent first harvest can be made much earlier.

What to plant in April of flowers

Most gardeners-gardeners in the spring as soon as the ground warms up in 10-centimeter depth to 7 degrees, planted crocuses, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, considering that this is the only flowers suitable for planting in this early period. However, there are other quite beautiful flowers, which also can be planted in April. These include irises, Phlox, peonies and monarda.

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