Fears five-year-old

At about the age of five the child are troubled by imaginary fears. These include the dark, dogs, death, fire trucks. The child already has such a developed imagination that becomes able to come up with a fear.

Страхи пятилетнего ребенка

The curiosity of the child at the age of five rolls. The child hears her parents and take them very seriously. Usually those Fears suffer children who scolded too much or too nurturing. Adoption gives children a sense of nervousness and self-doubt. But a different kind of phobias can appear in children and without the above-mentioned components, if these children are too impressionable.

In other words, all children are periodically experiencing any kind of fears. When a child reports that afraid of something, it must listen and say that he is not threatened. Not to intentionally scare children evil witches, police, strangers uncles. Also you can’t show them scary movies and sad stories. Very painful baby perceives the idea that mom and dad will stop loving him if he will not be able to meet their requirements.

A child’s life should be varied, it needs a lot of play with peers. The brighter and merrier the life of the baby, the less he has time on unfounded fears. Fear of darkness makes a good nightlight in the bathroom. Light is not able to prevent sleeping child as much as fear. Gradually the fear of the dark and will be quite light.

At age five, children are usually afraid of the thought of possible death. Explanation parents should not frighten the child even more. People usually die in old age from a disease. You need to convey to the child the idea of the naturalness of death, and to assure him that she will follow for a very long time. Even at the age of five some children may be afraid of animals. You should not try to force the child to approach the dog if he was afraid of her. The insistence on the part of parents would spawn a stubborn toddler. This fear goes away.

The same applies to the fear of water. To teach to swim by throwing the baby unexpectedly, is possible only as an exception. With the majority of it is not working. The child himself wants to go in the water, even if afraid of her. To relieve the toddler from the majority of fears, you need to play more with him. To go to a psychiatrist is necessary if the child’s fears begin to prevent him from living a full life.

At the age of five children begin to see physical flaws, and also notice that between boys and girls have differences. The child begins to ask questions to parents, and if not answers, then begins to invent their own versions and, as a consequence, suffer the inability to understand some of the issues. You should not see this as an unhealthy sexual interest. If you ignore the physiological issues, it is possible to generate the child a vision of sex as something dangerous. A serious lecture is also not necessary to arrange. Need to take it easy and give your baby the most understandable explanation. Do it better with examples.

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