How to beat the military style in casual wear

Military style started to gain momentum after the first world war and to emerge as independent. A special popularity was gained in the 60 years and keeps coming back to us from the catwalks into everyday life.

Как обыграть стиль милитари в повседневной одежде

How to identify military style? Very simply, that elements of the military uniform of all times and peoples. Protective coloration in the form of khaki or sand, large shoulders and metallic accessories.

If you bought a shirt khaki, you can wear it with simple jeans. Girls can wear with heels, and young people with rough boots.

Military style is characterized by simplicity of cut, sharpness of lines and styles. You can combine such things as with classic clothing and everyday things. Girls can add military, combining it with a romantic style that will give you more determination and elegance.

Young people can adopt such kinds of coat, overcoat, pea coat, and add to your wardrobe in these options every day.

Girls can be offered form with romantic skirts, light fabrics. This will further add to the fragility and femininity.

You can also combine this style with the Safari style, in the summer it is most relevant. You can use not only wardrobe items, but also accessories such as bags, transformers, shoes.

Experiment, try new styles, find different combinations. Always be stylish, fashionable and beautiful.

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