Communication skill «reflection of feelings»

Want to communicate was a pleasant, bonding and productive? Generate a communication skills. For example, the skill «reflection of feelings» will make your relationship more intimate and meaningful.

Навык общения «отражение чувств»

Reflection of feelings is a communication skill that enables us to understand and name the feelings of your partner in dealing with it. By «feelings» here refers to the emotional state of the partner.

Informal communication usually revolves around the emotions that we feel towards the subject. If we are able to understand emotions and talking about them, our communication becomes enjoyable and productive.

Why to use the skill of reflecting feelings in communication?

  • Reflection of feelings improves relationships between partners strengthens the proximity between them. Talking about feelings brings, because our emotions, emotions are not less important than the content of the conversation.
  • Helps to better understand ourselves and each other. It so happens that people are worried or angry, but he doesn’t realize. In conversation he speaks endlessly about the same thing. If you help your partner to acknowledge his feelings, reflect them, this will propel you in your communication.
  • Reflection of feelings can decrease emotional intensity in communication. Naming our feelings and the feelings of the partner, we contribute to their awareness, resulting in the intensity of feelings decreases. This is important if you or your partner resentful, angry, annoyed or experiencing other negative emotions.
  • To effectively reflect the feelings of your partner, you need to possess a large vocabulary in the area of feelings, emotions, States, feelings. This will allow you to find words and help your partner to find a precise definition of his experience.

    Reflect the feelings you need to confidently, succinctly, using positive wording (without the particle «not»). Also it is recommended to use introductory words. For example, «it seemed to methat you feel…» — this will allow your partner to correct you if you make a mistake in the reflection of feelings.

    In no case do not do the reflection of feelings in a Directive manner. When you call the emotions of a partner, the intonation should be interrogative, not affirmative. Do not dispute the feelings of your partner. Instead, acknowledge them, give them space for existence and right to exist.

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