Communication skill of «paraphrasing»

Want to communicate was a pleasant, bonding and productive? Generate a communication skills. For example, the skill of «paraphrasing» will help you better understand your partner and communicate with the warm contact.

Навык общения «перефразирование»

Paraphrasing is speaking your own words the message of your communication partner.

The technique of «paraphrase» has several goals in communication:

  • To clarify the idea of a partner. Due to the fact that you have rephrased his words, he has a chance to correct you. After all, sometimes it so happens that in communication we misunderstand each other, but we do not always have the ability and desire to correct the misconception.
  • To show your partner that you understand and are listening and you care about his words. To paraphrase, you show empathy and strengthen psychological contact between you.
  • To help the partner to focus on the essence of his story and developing his thought. With the help of paraphrasing you promote your partner’s self-understanding.
  • You need to rephrase briefly and to the point. No need to try to completely retell everything given to you by your partner in communication. Limit is really important for both of you. The paraphrase will be more successful if you speak the language of the partner, that is to call things by those names he did.

    A common mistake in paraphrasing is a mechanical repetition of the exact words of the communication partner. When you repeat the words of others, rather than trying to say the same thing in your own words, you take out the positive effect of taking rephrasing. There is a risk that your partner will begin to irritate and the relationship sours.

    At first it will be difficult to paraphrase. But constant training will allow you to rapidly develop this useful communication skill.

    Warn your partner that you want to train your communication skills in interaction with him. It would ease the tension between you, which may appear if you will be not very skillfully rephrase that.

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