How to sell your idea

To make a great discovery is only half the battle. You need to be able to sell it. You need to be able to make your discovery noticed that people postponed their case and listen to you.

Как продать свою идею


1. To attract attention to your idea, you need to learn how beautifully and accurately to write. You need to hone your writing skills. If the reader does not understand your report or article, then you are responsible for it. You have to interest the reader and accessible language to Express their thoughts.

2. You need to learn how to say public speech. This skill will help you at official conferences for your business meetings. If you feel insecure in their speeches, work on this problem. The ability to clearly Express the results of their research, answer questions from the audience, to maintain a professional conversation makes a significant contribution to the advancement of your ideas.

3. When you commenced your results, first of all you should outline the range of issues that are associated with your topic. You must set the context so that your audience can understand the essence of your work and your report, article. Performances on an extremely narrow topic, which is able to handle only special professional, do not succeed and do not excite the interest of the audience.

4. To successfully promote your idea in the system must be able to adapt to it and take the best that it has to offer. For example, signs of friendliness to subordinates, proper dress, according to the rules furnished the text is a small but important investment in your career. Do not put a cross on its upward movement only because you seem to be absurd system requirements. To respect them is easy, and as a result you will receive tangible support. Don’t waste your time and energy to fight the system, save them to promote your idea.

5. If you do not want to comply with some requirements of the system approach to solving this problem creatively. Think of how a disadvantage can turn into advantage. Think about how to overcome the undesirable requirement will promote your idea. Any difficulties use to benefit your work.

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