How to make a great discovery

Dr. Richard W. Hamming in his lecture «You and your discoveries» told how to make a great discovery. He stressed that this can any average person. The main thing is to make efforts of his own mind. The Hamming summed up his experience at Bell Labs, where side by side worked with great scientists of our time.

Как сделать великое открытие


1. First we need to reject all the conventions and ask yourself one honest question: «Why don’t I do something meaningful with my life?» This can anyone. The main thing is the intention.

2. You need to stop believing in luck and believe that a great discovery is the result of hard work. «Luck favors a prepared mind». If your mind is prepared, sooner or later, you will get results and catch your luck. Success is the result of your efforts.

3. To make a great discovery, it takes courage. The courage to propose ideas and the courage to defend them. The courage to articulate their thoughts and the courage to ask questions and to ask questions.

4. Be bold in expressing their thoughts only if you believe that you will succeed in making a great discovery.

5. Need to work on small tasks. A small, but important. Objectives should be within your reach. As soon as you try to immediately solve the global problem, you fail. Remember, the mind must be prepared.

6. Great discovery often done in conditions that are considered to be complicated, imperfect and uncomfortable. The creative process needs a framework. When you find yourself in a challenging work environment, it is important not to give up. It is important to think about how to overcome them. To look for solutions as lack of can be done with dignity.

7. Great discovery requires emotional investment in the problem, which you are doing. You need drive, passion, passion. If you don’t feel pleasure from your work, it is unlikely you will be able to make it a great discovery.

8. You need to maintain a certain level of criticality in relation to your ideas and theories. If you believe in them too much, you are not able to develop them. If you see too many flaws, you find yourself in a dead end. The right balance between faith and doubt.

9. To make a great discovery, you must work on important problems in your area. You should be aware of the contribution you make to development of society and civilization, if you will work on your problem. If you spend your time on unimportant problems, to achieve success would be impossible.

10. Great discovery requires serious investment. Need to work on the problem, to devote the maximum of time. Something has to sacrifice, and here you need to choose. Working harder, you can do more work and faster progress on the way to his great discovery. The more you learn, the faster you learn.

11. Smaller get distracted in the process. Work «behind closed doors». Don’t let anybody ruin your concentration. To make a great discovery, you need to be focused, focused. In the end it turns out to be an important factor in achieving success.

12. Do not attempt to solve a single problem. Work on your goal so that your solution solved a class of problems. You must abstract away from specifics. By your work you should create the basis for the work of those who will solve similar problems in the future.

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