Why not grow a beard. Causes and what to do?

Beard for men is a symbol of stylish, fashionable, and most importantly — courageous. When the bristles growing evenly and thickly, the man is free to give to it any form, it only adds it charm and style. But what about those who have a rare beard, who on the face or chin is hairless Islands? We will give some recommendations, but they are closely related to causes of poor growth of hair.

Красивая и густая борода

So, let’s create a gradation depending on the complexity of the problem:

1. Bad heredity;

2. Hormonal failure in the body;

3. Excess weight;

4. The inability to properly shave.

What to do if the men closest male relatives all have weak stubble? A large percentage of probability that the genes transferred and, accordingly, also will grow and you. What to do? Usually recommended to consult a specialist, most often they favor the endocrinologist, and to consult on possible medical treatment. More options with bad heredity is the transferring of hair follicles in specialized clinics. However, this is a more expensive procedure and conduct of its worth, if you are 100% sure that’s in the genes and heredity.

The doctor during the examination will measure the dimensions of the level of male hormones, in particular testosterone. If there is a slight deficiency of this hormone, the male will recommend to increase athletic exercises, correct food. If this doesn’t work here the principle of «more is better», because an excess of sports, oddly enough, reduces the level of testosterone. It is important to make the sport his companion, and in the menu to stick to a mainly protein diet.

Poor diet of junk food, beer, fatty and high carbohydrate food leads to the appearance of «unhealthy» fat, visceral. This type of fat accumulates in the abdominal cavity around the internal organs and after some time changes the hormones men. In the body becomes low on testosterone, a lot of the female hormone estradiol, and this stops the growth of hair. If there is excess weight, then for beauty face and body it’s time to get rid of it.

If a man does not know how to shave, it can also be the cause of the weak growth of beard hair. Don’t forget to moisturize the skin before, it softens the skin and it is less injured. Shave the growing stubble. And here may be not so simple. Why? The fact that the hairs of the beard, repeating the curves of the face grow in different directions. So before you begin to wield a razor, run your hand over the bristles, if it is pricked, we are then against the hair growth.

Remember the rule – you should have shaved for hair growth! This will facilitate sliding and avoid ingrown hairs, irritation.


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