Correct shaving legs

For anybody not a secret that for men, in addition to the beautiful Breasts and buttocks, one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body are the legs. Of course, they should not only look beautiful, but to be pleasant and silky to the touch. Unfortunately, nature has not deprived the woman hair and have my whole life to strive to always be on top, showing off the smooth skin.

Правильное бритье ног

Today there are many ways to remove unwanted hair, but not all are suitable for the majority of girls for various reasons. The most simple and affordable method of hair removal is shaving machine.

Its only drawback is that this procedure sufficiently often, unlike wax or laser hair removal. But among the advantages are the ability to do hair removal at home, as well as budget and ease of procedure.

It would seem that all know how to shave your legs, but it turns out there are some mandatory steps that will help to achieve maximum effect, velvety skin without damaging it.

Step # 1. Before the procedure the skin should be well to steam and saturate with moisture. This can be taking a shower or bath. Then it is advisable to use a body scrub to cleanse and remove dead skin particles.

Step # 2. Applying a shaving product. It is strictly forbidden to use soap very dry skin. The modern market offers a variety of special products for shaving foams and gels.

Step # 3. Shaving machine. It is important to choose a machine that suits you, you also need to ensure that the blades remain sharp and have not been damaged. Movements should be smooth, not affecting one area more than two times to avoid irritation.

Step # 4. At the end is necessary to moisturize your skin after-shave lotion or regular cream.

The main thing – to avoid errors such as shaving blunted blade on dry skin or use soap.

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