Of questionable benefit and great harm of computer games

In society there is an ongoing discussion about the benefits and dangers of computer games. Of course, not to rush to extremes and to assure that the game is only useful or very harmful, but not all the advantages of computer games are.

О пользе и вреде компьютерных игр

Speaking of the benefits of computer games, we often remember the educational games offered for working off of skills of reading, studying foreign languages, etc. damage the same, we present in the form of a teenager, keen on passage of the next game before the oblivion of reality. And, in General, it is correct idea, but there are other points to remember.

For example, many Western scholars rests on such seemingly useful points of computer games, the development of logic, socialization skills (this applies to on-line games), ability to work in a team. In General, these moments can be noticed, but its importance, in my opinion, is overrated, because in online games there are players who love to insult others, to provoke them. We must not forget also about such a dignity, such as the development through games of persistence in achieving goals. That dignity by the vast majority of companies producing games leveled games store where you can purchase game products to facilitate the passage of quests. In any game you can find many players who have invested in the game than one thousand rubles. There are legends about the millions spent on game «buns». But if you ask for to confirm or deny such rumours, becoming a skilled player in one of the hyped games, you can believe at least hundreds of thousands invested money in the game.

Let’s sum up the intermediate results. Unequivocal about the benefits of computer games to say it is impossible, and known the advantages of games is quite questionable. Every plus has a very significant disadvantage, to date fatal.

Now let’s talk about the dangers of computer games. The first and most important disadvantage of computer games — a departure from reality, from existing problems. Adult person, and especially a teenager, is much easier and simpler to live in virtual reality, code of conduct, which are much smaller and they unequivocally than in real life. Moreover, in a virtual reality game character that is controlled by the person, a bit of a superhero. The game is set up so that the player could pass all the tests to solve all the puzzles and defeat all the monsters that gives people too much confidence. Well, success in a computer game on the background of problems in school or personal life certainly will push a person to remain in the game, forgetting about difficult-to-resolve issues. In the end, increases irritability, aggressiveness, rejection of loved ones, which insist on the return of the player in the reality to solve reality problems. This boosts the irritability and the inability to get money to buy game items, as an avid player, conductive in virtuality many hours every day, can no longer provide for their needs.

Attention! The phrase «computer game» does not mean virtual machines or similar programs to develop professional skills.

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