Three ideas of simple crafts out of paper, the rest of the chips

Cardboard cylinder that serves as a wrapper of chips or the basis for the roll of paper towels, a very handy thing for quick craft projects. Here are three simple ideas for literally 5 minutes.

Три идеи простых поделок из картонки, оставшейся от чипсов

For creativity you will need cardboard tube from Pringles potato chips or something similar (sometimes wine or tea Packed in similar boxes), samokleyashcheysya film patterned or colored paper for decoration, other items for decoration (lace, ribbon, rhinestone on glue, etc.).

Organizer for plastic bags

This is a very simple and quick hack, which you just gently apply the adhesive on the tube. In a plastic lid, make a small round hole with nail scissors. The organiser is ready. Now you can put inside a roll of small packets for products to expose the tip of the first packet in the cover and pulling them out of the organizer as needed.

Organizer for cotton pads

To make the organizer, at the base of the cardboard tube it is necessary to make a semicircular cut with a box cutter. Now stick the colored paper on the tube and place on it any pattern rhinestones on glue. Cut near the bottom put a tight tape to mask the edge of the cardboard.

This organizer will decorate your table with cosmetics, if the show imagination in his finishing.

Packaging for gift

And of course, a beautifully decorated cardboard tube will serve as a good packing for many gifts. For such a package, choose silver or gold foil or paper with thematic patterns. On plastic lid attach a bow or pompom.

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