Easy-care Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchid-Phalaenopsis-beautiful and undemanding plants. How to care for orchids so they pleased their long flowering and healthy.

Простой уход за орхидеей фаленопсис


1. In General, orchids-Phalaenopsis — plants are simple. Under natural growing conditions — plants-parasites that live on a fancy trunks of trees in shady moist warm forests of the South. This should be taken into consideration when in your home settle Orchid. So, care of Phalaenopsis is very simple and does not require the hassle and bustle.

2. Soil for orchids is the so-called substrate, simply put, a nutrient mixture, consisting usually of pieces of ordinary tree bark. The substrate provides the necessary Orchid humidity level, the normal access of oxygen to the roots of plants, and adequate food.
The substrate is placed in a transparent container with holes. Transparent pot should be in order to make it easier to monitor the condition of the soil and roots, and the holes prevent caking and acidification of the soil, rotting the roots.

3. The flower pot is placed in the pallet, which is needed to ensure that water after irrigation did not spread. Watering orchids is enough 1 times in 1-2 weeks, depending on temperature and humidity environment, i.e., as needed, when the substrate completely dry out. Ideal for watering normal tap water at room temperature. Watering can be done from below, i.e. pouring water into the pan, or top, pouring the soil in the pot. Through watering from the top is necessary to ensure that after irrigation water is not remained in the «socket» is the upper part of the junction of the leaves. Accumulated in the pan water is required to have enough «give» Orchid — the moisture will gradually permeate the soil, which would give her roots. Too hard to fill the plant is not necessary, enough that the water level in the pan was 1 — 1.5 centimeters. During periods when the air too dry (in summer and during the heating season), you can periodically advanced to irrigate the plants with a spray bottle.

4. Choosing a place to dwell Orchid, you must consider the natural growing conditions of these plants. In nature, orchids grow under the canopy of trees, on their trunks, untouched direct sunlight. Thus, you should choose a window sill oriented to the North or North-East, «South», «West» window of the Orchid is better not to put, but if there is no alternative, it is better to give the plant a place on the shelf in the bathroom, as direct sunlight can leave on the leaves and flowers of orchids burns.

5. The stalks can be tied up vertically to the fixed rod, which can be trenched directly into the ground. When otvetit Orchid, flower spike lasts for as long until it is dry. Dried stems must be carefully cut off, leaving about 1 — 2cm.

6. Transplanted orchids-Phalaenopsis only as necessary. Typically, this occurs once every few years. The main reason for transplanting plants can be a souring of the soil or root rot. If you have any such suspicions, you need to carefully inspect the roots and the substrate through the transparent walls of the pot. Finding traces of mold, you can repot the Orchid in the dry substrate.

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