The cure for the flu and colds new generation: a list of effective tools

When a person has a cold and got an infection, then by all means think, of what modern drugs can help, what to take for the flu? Scientists develop new tools, because the viruses mutate every year, and to combat them we need a more effective formula. The cure for the flu and colds new generation – what are its characteristics? Learn the difference between these drugs and what determines the effectiveness of the fight against various diseases.

Modern remedies for flu and colds

Pharmacology today truly offers a wide range of new drugs. Their advantages are obvious: they have a wide range of action, less side effects, it is convenient to use the patient at home or can be done to get vaccinated to avoid getting sick during the outbreak of SARS. When selecting medicines, do not forget that not all advertised drugs are effective.

The price of medicines, the packaging of which is regularly flashed on TV, included the cost of these commercials. If we compare the instructions for almost all imported expensive drugs are cheap domestic counterparts. So, «koldreks» (price 150-240 R.) and «Fervex» (315-590 R.) in the composition containing paracetamol. Pills «Paracetamol» can be bought in a pharmacy for R. 3-5, and most doctors even consider them to be the safest medication for acute respiratory infections during pregnancy and lactation.

Effective cold remedies

Modern pharmaceutical industry produces cold remedies that work on two areas and complement each other. One group of medications that help cope with the manifestations of the illness: runny nose, cough, headache, temperature, sore throat. Another segment of drugs exerts immunomodulatory and antibacterial action.

For adults

Review examples of drugs that are used for colds:

What does

Drug group

Examples of drugs

Eliminate the cause


Pills «Acyclovir», «Amantadine».

Antibiotics (used in extreme cases when the body cannot cope with disease-causing bacteria).

Tablets and powders for injection «Ampicillin», «Levofloxacin».

Strengthen the immune system

The immunomodulators.

«Amiksin, Cycloferon».

Vitamin complexes, preparations based on medicinal herbs.

«Ascorutinum», «Aevitum».

Relieve symptoms

Fever, ease the body aches.

Pills «koldreks», «Paracetamol», «Rinse» powder bags «Theraflu», effervescent tablets, «Solpadein».

Drugs to relieve cough.

Syrups «ATT», «Ambroxol,» «Altaica».

Vasoconstrictor nasal decongestant.

«Oxymetazoline», «Polidexa with fenilafrinom».

To soothe the throat.

Sprays «Kameton», «Orasept», Ingalipt» «Chlorophillipt».

For children

When choosing children’s antibacterial drugs, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations, not to self-medicate. You can help:

  • antibiotics «Amoxiclav», «Zinnat» «Supraks»;
  • for relieving fever – syrup «Panadol» pills «Paracetamol»;
  • nasal – spray «Otrivin» drops «Nazivin»;
  • prevention – vitamin complexes «the Alphabet», «the spinners advertising picovit».

Modern drugs against influenza

What are the similarities and difference of drugs against influenza and colds new generation? In both diseases take medication that relieves the symptoms of disease. In influenza not prescribe antibiotics, because they are effective only against bacterial pathogens of the common cold and virus strains have no effect. Consider pharmacological group of modern antiviral drugs against influenza depending on their mode of action.


Such antiviral medications against influenza are directed, preventing the multiplication of viruses. These include:

  • «Oseltamivir» – active ingredient, oseltamivir phosphate inhibits (inhibits) the neuraminidase, a key enzyme involved in the replication (reproduction) of influenza viruses, and inhibiting their ability to enter the cell.
  • «Remantadin» the active substance of rimantadine hydrochloride is effective against influenza viruses A2 and B.
  • «Arbidol» – part capsules uniferon has immunostimulatory effects.


Antiviral drugs immunotropic action – the interferons or their inducers (pathogens) that help the natural protective system of the body to fight the disease by destroying the virus at the initial stage of reproduction. They are effective in the first two days after the onset of symptoms of influenza. Read the names and a brief description of these drugs:


The active substance

The effect of applying


Tocopherol, ascorbic acid

Stimulates the immune system fights the virus.


Interferon inducer

Immunomodulating activity.


The leaf extract of sea buckthorn buckthorn

Antiviral effect, by inducing interferon production in blood cells.



The inducer of interferon, inhibits the protein synthesis of the viruses.



Prevents penetration of the virus into the cell and synthesis of proteins of the viruses.



Suppresses the reproduction of influenza virus, an anti-inflammatory effect.


Human interferon

Powerful immunomodulator, effective antiviral drug, stimulates macrophages. Increases the body’s resistance to viral penetration, and when injected into the cell blocks their reproduction. The mechanism of action is not directed against a particular kind of virus, because this medicine is universal.


Meglumine acridonacetates

Strong immunomodulator, antiviral activity, effective against flu and herpes.


Such anti-influenza drugs work on the disease development mechanism, helping to fight infections and preventing the development of complications. These include:

Drug group

What does

Examples of drugs

The active substance

Antioxidants and vitaminoterapie drugs

Provide preventive, antioxidant, angioprotective (capillariasis) and strengthens the immune system action.


Vitamin C and vitamin P(rutin)


The antioxidant vitamins A and E


Help relieve allergic reactions to medicines, have a quick calming, antiemetic effect.

«Suprastin», «Promethazine»

Blockers of histamine receptors


These powders, drops, sprays, tablets for flu – a fast-acting anti-viral symptoms of intoxication:

Drug group

What does

Examples of drugs

The active substance


Promote the discharge of mucus, regeneration of the mucous membrane of the bronchi.






Relieves inflammation of the respiratory mucosa.



For the treatment of rhinitis

Reduces the amount of secretions, swelling of the mucous.



Antikongestivne vasoconstrictor substance.



Video about choosing the right medication for influenza


Albina, 26 years: I from childhood with a cold, when she rises a fever, a headache, take 3-4 days «Paracetamol». At one time seduced by advertising, drinking instant «Coldrex», «Rinzu». Once in one forum read, what active ingredient is sold at a fabulous price, went back to the tried cheap product.

Zoe, 32 years: Before pregnancy I often appeared cold on the lips, and I was afraid that the herpes are not apparent during the carrying a child. The doctor said I have herpes «Hiporamin». I immediately liked that it plant-based. Cut two months pills really helped.

Tatiana, 47 years: My child has attributed «Interferon». Read the instructions to the vials, I was confused that he is actually from the blood of donors, and a list of its side effects. Bred medicine and blackened son in the nose according to the instructions. Specific results have not noticed, more apply I will not.

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