How unusual to decorate the suburban area flowers

Suburban area can be decorated with colorful flowerbeds and fragrant flower beds, but it is better to dream a little and come up with something original, spending quite a bit of money, time and effort. Enough to choose fresh flower seeds and find an old bench, a bench or even a bed.

Как необычно украсить дачный участок цветами

For the unusual design of the garden is best to choose low-maintenance plants. It can be petunias, lilies, squills, mallow, Bellflower, marigolds, Salvia, Turkish carnation, viola, daisies and forget-me-nots.

Flowers in vases

If you don’t have space for flower beds, they will replace the vases with flowers. This will require containers, large vase, pot or any other container, it fills the earth and planting flowers. These ornaments placed next to the entrance to the house, other flower arrangements and along the tracks.

Bright bike on a country site

Another unusual option for beautification of the site. A Bicycle set next to the tree, around the house or on any smooth surface. Mounted on the trunk frame or the wheel of the container and plant the flowers there.

Flower barrels in the garden

Almost in every country there are old leaky barrels, but to throw them away not worth it, because they will turn into a beautiful flowerbed. Enough capacity brightly colored and draw funny faces, pour into the land and plant any plants.

Flowers in boots

This is a versatile decoration that can be placed in any corner location, or even to hang on the fence. If the house has old shoes lying around, make of them a beautiful composition with flowers.

Old furniture for decoration cottages

Benches, benches, beds, chairs, tables – everything can be improved by plants. Now on summer residences it is possible to meet unusual beds with sofas, dressers and even toilets.

The application can be found old children toys, wooden boxes and garden gnomes. They planted violets, lawn grasses and ornamental bow.


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