Atributiruemy photos for istockphoto: program Deepmeta

How easy it is to upload the photos to iStockphoto and which program is better to use for this?

Атрибутируем фотографии для istockphoto: программа Deepmeta

iStockphoto is one of the oldest stock, and anyone who engages in microstocks, be sure to pay attention to it. This photo Bank has many advantages: he’s big, has a good reputation, many clients and provides microstockers good sales. However it has one major flaw. Since this image Bank is the oldest, he has a very awkward mechanism for uploading photos to the site. Contributer need to upload photos one at a time, it takes a lot of time. Categories also need to arrange manually, one photo at a time.

A great way that will help you to save a lot of time and make the process of uploading photos to the site easier and more enjoyable is a program Deepmeta. It will help to upload photos batches, a few pieces. In addition, you can get statistics on the downloaded images and also see how much money is earned.

In order to upload a photo for the website, download the program and install it on your computer. Upload the photo into the program.

She will get the metadata from the pictures and show out in the relevant sections.

In the upper right corner appears a error message. In this photo there is not enough categories.

Click the appropriate tab and select the desired category. Please note that the backgrounds in this release right to choose in General topics. For example, «animals Backgrounds» tab, select «Animals».

Another feature of this program is the keywords. You need the corresponding tab to note what exactly you meant by this keyword. For example, the word can refer to a cream beige color, and maybe cream. Another example is sweet. This word can refer to the sweetness, and maybe something sweet. Mark the desired.

Once the file is ready to download, click on the arrow to move it to the right section of the program.Click on the «Start uploads» and the program will upload the file to the website.If you prepare a lot of files the program will upload them all. If the connection is broken – the program will continue to run after recovery. It is very convenient.

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